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This passion project aims to revolutionize the academic experience for university students by integrating virtual reality (VR) technology into their assignments. 

My Role: Design Strategy, UX Researcher, UI

Team: Individual, Passion Project

Duration: 4 weeks

Tools: Figma

Designed For: Apple Vision

What's UniQuest is About?

This project is deeply rooted in my personal experience as a university student. Throughout my academic journey, I found myself constantly seeking real-life examples to better comprehend and engage with assignments. Recognizing the value of bridging theoretical knowledge with practical applications, I embarked on this passion project to explore if others shared this desire for contextual understanding.

Problem Space

Many university students struggle to connect theoretical concepts with real-life examples in their assignments. This disconnect hampers comprehension and motivation, highlighting a need for more engaging and practical learning experiences.

Secondary Research
Some data showed me insights into the students' behaviour.


Gamified learning can improve critical thinking skills by up to 13% for university students


78% of university students reported increased motivation with gamified learning

Primary Research
Knowing what is in the user's mind about their educational experience.

I used qualitative interviews to learn the users' pain points and to determine how they could improve their educational experience. 

"I would love to experience real-world scenarios or projects"

"Virtual Reality is good because it is immersive"

"I love it when the instructor gives lab activities."

"Visuals keep me engaged"

"Just lectures can be boring and information-heavy"

Currently, students rely on various resources to bridge this gap, such as textbooks with example problems and online tutorials. While these resources offer some support, they often fail to provide a truly engaging and interactive learning experience. Additionally, the real-life examples presented may be limited, hindering a deeper understanding of how these concepts translate to practical applications.

How can we create a better experience?

Sarah Walters is a persona who loves learning about Engineering but sometimes she has a hard time retaining th subject and wishesit has more real-life interactive examples . 

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Sarah Walters









"I love the idea of being an engineer, but sometimes textbooks feel so abstract.  I want to have assignments related to real-life objects."
  • See the real-world applications of what she's learning.

  • Finds traditional assignments to lack interactivity and engagement

  • She can't retain the subject only with the traditional education system.

  • Attends all lectures and takes detailed notes but finds it challenging to stay focused throughout.

  • Seek online resources and tutorials offering more practical explanations and visual aids.

  • Securing a future job where she can apply her knowledge to make a positive impact on society.

  • Gain a deep understanding of engineering principles.

  • Desire to tackle challenging problems.

The Need (Oportunity)

Right now, there aren't enough fun and interactive tools to help students connect what they learn in class to the real world. This is especially University Students. If we could give students a way to see and play with real-life examples, learning would be way more interesting and they'd understand things better. This would also make them more motivated to keep learning.

Goes to class and waits for the instructor to start the lecture
Watches the 1-hour slide lecture Takes lots of notes but it is had to keep up
Outside class she studies using visual aid and videos to better understand.
Gets very confused to finish the assignment as she cannot related to real life examples.
Hopes it will be a good lecture
Wishes it had more examples
She can understand better her class
Frustrated that she wishes she remembered everything.
The Solution 

This case study introduces a novel solution: an Apple Vision App designed for University students struggling with each subject concepts in their assignments. This app leverages the power of Apple Vision technology to provide students with dynamic and interactive experiences that connect theory to practice.

User Stories


As a first-year engineering student, I want to select a specific engineering course I am enrolled in so I can access the relevant learning materials and activities.


As a first-year engineering student, I want to choose an assignment based on the current lesson or topic so I can start working on applying my knowledge and practicing my skills.


As a first-year engineering student, I want to read the activity instructions so that better understand how to complete the assignment.


As a first-year engineering student, I want to complete my interactive activity using real-life objects so that I can deepen my understanding of engineering principles.


As a first-year engineering student, I want to send my assignment so that I can I can receive feedback from my professor and ensure it meets the deadline.

Features that will help Students


Hands-on Learning with Everyday Objects:

Forget memorizing formulas in a vacuum! This app goes beyond pictures and videos. It allows students to complete interactive assignments that use their Apple Vision to recognize common objects around them. Imagine using a lamp to explore concepts of light and electricity or analyzing the motion of a swing set to understand the principles of force and motion. By turning everyday objects into learning tools, the app makes understanding things like physics concepts fun, engaging, and truly unforgettable.


Beyond Assignments: A Learning Ecosystem: 

This app isn't just about completing assignments. It's a one-stop shop for mastering University Assignments and concepts! In addition to the interactive assignments, students access many engaging learning resources.


This includes:
Explanatory videos: Clear and concise video tutorials break down complex concepts into bite-sized pieces.
In-depth reading materials: Articles, diagrams, and other resources offer deeper dives into specific topics.

An innovative educational App

The disconnect between theory and practice can hinder student learning outcomes. This case study presented an innovative solution: an Apple Vision App that bridges this gap. By providing students with interactive learning experiences anchored in real-world applications, the app has the potential to revolutionize the educational landscape, fostering a deeper understanding and a love for engineering.


Key Learnings

Stepping outside my comfort zone, I took on the challenge of designing for Apple Vision, a completely new platform for me.  There was a definite learning curve, but with some research and a ton of excitement, I discovered the immense potential of this innovative technology!

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