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Caroline Stanislawski

For the last three years, I've had the amazing journey of working with adorable dogs, using the power of positive reinforcement techniques to help them become their best selves. It's been such a rewarding experience that has taught me so much about understanding behaviours, motivations, and the art of clear communication to bring out the best in my furry friends.

Now, I'm excited to share that I'm venturing into UX Design! Drawing from my background in working with dogs, where creating strong bonds and understanding behaviours is key, I'm stepping into the realm of crafting user experiences that are not only intuitive but also deeply human-centered.

My most recent achievement was creating a case study for an app that connects recently arrived immigrants in Canada. To create this app, I:

• Researched and analyzed users' motivations, behaviours, and pain points.
• Sketched possible solutions.
• Wireframed and prototyped using Figma.
• Conducted usability tests.


ux Designer
Dec 2023 - Current

●    Designed grayscale wireframes, web pages, and dashboards for diverse Startups.
●    Developed high-fidelity wireframes, integrating brand colours for a cohesive and visually appealing user experience.
●    Maintained close collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, facilitating engagement with product managers and engineers in an Agile setting.
●    Conducted user research, and insights were evaluated to understand user motivations, pain points, and needs.
●    Justified design decisions based on design theory and usability research.

Dog Trainer
Jul 2020 - Sept 2023

• Understood motivations and behaviours of diverse dog breeds to achieve positive behavioural outcomes
• Collaborated with team members to follow the training schedule, leading to the best training results

• Exercised the dogs mentally by using enrichment games and toys

• Contributed to the development and launch of #CareyTrainsMe website using Wix, creating a user-friendly interface and optimizing site performance. 

Marketing Coordinator
Cloud Nine College
Jul 2018 - Mar 2020

• Built a solid relationship with agents, increasing the number of agencies working with the school
• Researched students' opinions to improve the school experience
• Designed informative brochures and banners using Adobe Illustrator that address students' needs to boost awareness of the school
• Enhanced students' experiences to ensure they had a positive time both in school and in Canada
• Increased Social Media engagement through the design and execution of a digital marketing plan
• Informed agencies about news and promotions by using Mailchimp email marketing
• Participated in College fairs in Brazil and educated students about our programs and life in Canada
• Built a strong relationship with students, increasing referrals for new students

Customer Service
Feb 2018 - April 2018

• Proactively addressed customer inquiries, resolving issues promptly and improving overall satisfaction.

• Utilized active listening skills to grasp user needs and concerns, fostering a positive customer interaction.

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