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Lush Basket

Lush Basket is an innovative shopping experience that fosters human connection and won us a first place at the recent BrainStation Hackathon.

My Role: Design Strategy, UI

Team: Group of 8, Capstone Project

Duration: 1 weeks

Tools: Figma

Designed For: IOs

iPhone 12 Pro Mockups.png

Our Team.

Learning to work with other areas was essential to bring the Bootcamp to a perfect end. So, now I introduce you to my team:

Caroline S.

UX Designer

Misbah H.

UX Designer

Sho M.

Data Scientist

Christina H.

Data Scientist

Deshane M.

Software Engineer

Mason S.

Software Engineer

Vimbi M.

Software Engineer

Amanda F.

Software Engineer

What's Lush Basket is About?

Do you love it when you go to a store and the customer service is so great that you want to return to it? Even more, there is never a lineup to pay for your product! Incredible, right?

That is what Lush Basket wants to offer to the user: an innovative, simple shopping experience that enhances human-to-human interaction.

Lush gave us a Problem Space

How might we craft an open-source, innovative shopping experience that adapts to the needs of an ever-evolving market while leading by example with our digital ethics?

The UX designers' path:


Secondary Research

Primary Research





Hi-Fi Wireframes

Secondary Research
Some data showed me insights into the consumer's behaviour.

customers prefer self-checkout

hours is the amount spent waiting in the checkout line by an average customer per year.

of customers make one in-store purchase at least once a week.

Primary Research
Knowing what is in the user's mind about their shopping experience.

We used a qualitative interview to find out the user's pain points to know how could improve their shopping experience. The main insight?

"The line-up behind me grew and I got stress-out."

"At self-checkout, the barcode was not scanning the items."

"If I see long lineups, I don’t even enter the store."

"I love it when the staff takes their time to explain about the product"

The technology can help the process to be smoother, maybe using mobile apps.r the store."

Based on the research and insights, we could analyze that the best approach was to consider a POS system that would allow customers to have a smooth and straightforward checkout, which would decrease the wait in the checkout line and give staff more time to give attention to customers.

How can we create a better shopping experience?

Mariam Khan is our persona who loves going into a brick-and-mortar store, however, she gets very frustrated when long lines and confusing checkouts. She loves it when employees are helpful. 

image 24.png

Mariam Khan









“It’s really frustrating when I make time to step into a store just to experience long lines, confusing checkout systems, and unhelpful employees.”
  • Frustrating to have to wait for help at the self-checkout. It was supposed to be quick and efficient.

  • There are too many buttons that look the same, and it is hard to tell the checkout button apart.

  • It’s hard to undo a mistake easily, i.e., scanning something twice.

  • Prefers to use self-checkout when in a rush.

  • Likes to shop in-store to see the products.

  • Wants to check out quickly and wait in the shortest line

  • The self-checkout system should be efficient and easy to use

  • Wants to provide feedback about her experience in order to improve the system

Lush Basket
An innovative way to shop at Lush

Our solution introduces a smart basket that focuses on enhancing user experiences. This basket identifies items, adding them to it, ultimately simplifying the checkout process. Consequently, our approach empowers staff to engage more with customers, demonstrating our commitment to delivering user-centric solutions.




With our new automated system, your shopping list on Lush Basket will automatically update when you place an item in your basket in store


Easy self-check out directly from your phone


Press the bell icon to ask for assistance. Continue your shopping experience while an employee comes to you

See our app in action!

Watch our promotional video to see how our app works.

Key Learnings

Lush's challenge was to think outside the box and find a solution that covered the users' needs. Working as a team, we needed to use clear communication to get to our objective.

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